We're offering you quick, comfortable and safe transfers.

During your business or turist stay in Slovenia, we're offering you quick, comfortable and safe transfers with our vehicle Peugeot 806 (6+1) around Ljubljana, Slovenia, ex Yugoslavia and Europe.

We're also available for airport transfers from and/or to the airports Zagreb (Pleso), Trieste (Ronchi), Klagenfurt, Vienna, Budapest, München, Treviso, and others.

Call us and get youreselves a ride to/for:

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In collaboration with our partners we can arrange all sorts of adrenalin sports any time of the year: snowboarding, skiing, snowshoeing, ice climbing, sledding or mountain biking, paragliding, horse back riding, paintball, free climbing, rafting, kayaking, canyoning, wakeboarding, hydrospeeding, and more. We're organising kayaking and canoeing on Ljubljanica river (which runs through the center of Ljubljana), on various lakes throughout Slovenia (Zbilje, Bled, Bohinj, ...) and the sea as well.

For transfer distances over 50 km we'll only bill you for one way and waiting time. If you'll be returning on the same day, the transfer back is free. If the ride takes more than 24 hours, we'll bill you only 60 € extra, the ride back (without any detours) is free.

Transfers for frequent customers can be arranged based on a written order form with the customer's wishes and requirements. Upon completion of the voyage, the satisfied customer signs the order form as a confirmation, that the received bill will be paid. The bills are sent out twice per month with detailded specification.


Transfers within Ljubljana:
starting fee 1,00 €
price per kilometer 0,73 €
more than 4 / caught on street (per km) 1,00 €
waiting hour 12,49 €
Transfers within Slovenia:
Ljubljana - Airport Brnik ( • Airport Brnik = Ljubljana Jože Pučnik Airport) 20,00 €
Ljubljana - Maribor 95,00 €
Ljubljana - Celje 59,00 €
Ljubljana - Velenje 55,00 €
Ljubljana - Novo Mesto 53,00 €
Ljubljana - Koper 80,00 €
Ljubljana - Nova Gorica 80,00 €
Transfers to Croatia and ex-Yugoslavia:
Ljubljana - Zagreb (Croatia) 102,00 €
Ljubljana - Beograd (Serbia) 405,00 €
Ljubljana - Sarajevo (Bosnia) 390,00 €
Ljubljana - Banja Luka (Bosnia) 255,00 €
Transfers around Europe:
Ljubljana - Vienna 295,00 €
Ljubljana - Budapest 365,00 €
Ljubljana - München 299,00 €
Discounts for frequent / contract customers:
monthly turnover of 1000 € or more 3%
monthly turnover of 1500 € or more 8%

Calculate the price of your transfer:






The calculated price is approximate. Actual price discrepancies depend upon the chosen transfer route, traffic conditions and waiting time.

Payment options:
Moneta Master Card Karanta
American Express Visa Diners Club

By your request we can also arrange tailor made tours.

Call us, and we'll get it done!

Warning: Prices for fixed destinations listed here are calculated based on relatively optimal driving conditions. Actual price discrepancies depend upon the chosen transfer route, traffic conditions and waiting time. Prices do not include freeway tolls, parking fees, tunnel fees, ferry costs, etc. Taxi clock is activated after 15 minutes of waiting time or 5 minutes after pre-arranged pickup time.